Saturday, November 29, 2008

making beautiful images

No glitter blushes, creams or shimery foundations give your face the almost wet looking glow that I've been looking for. Yesterday I learned that what I need is Fix+ from Mac. I'm lucky to have been present at a shoot for the dutch L'Officiel by unbelievably amazing photographer Alique.
The pictures will be posted on my blog as soon as they are published. You can safely call them Art, and I was in awe of what this great team was able to acheive in a spontanious way, on a very short notice and with fewer resources than they are used to.

It might seem like this post is extremely postive,(great things make me forget less great things) or it might just be that I am young,new and get excited easily about this stuff. Hopefully that is not the case and I will never loose my enthousiasm. But I promise there is also a very critical and pessimistic side of me that also wants to shine in blogposts.

The lovely, lovely, lovely Cato van Ee.