Friday, December 19, 2008

hairy earrings

There hasnt been an update to my blog lately, I havnt been upto a lot lately. My money is going everywhere except to clothes. That doesnt mean I havnt been (window)shopping. But only looking at the displays in window is also not really what I've been upto. I've gone through all the procedures of shopping, but just havn't bought anything.. I just want to be aware what it is that the stores are selling, try something on, touch the fabrics, or just hug a beautiful skirt to let it know how much I love it. I have been druelling over my laptop looking at shoes that I wanted for christmas, and I could have made a post out of that. But we all know how the givenchy bird cage bootie looks like, and I dont want to become a blog that consist only of wishlists that might not even come true. Besides, Its not all about spending money! The contrary. With few recourser one becomes much more creative and will do things that one would never have done with all the resources(CASH)available. Like making hairy earrings from a piece of weave I still had laying around.