Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Real Fashion Journalists, or just anonymous little for-free-workers?

How isolated, not up to date and shutted out did I feel when my internet was disconected for a few weeks. I bought a shit load of magazines in an attempt to keep up with the latest developments in fashionland, But it seemed that by the time fashion news reaches the printed pages of a magazine, it has allready moved to "<< OLDER POSTS " on most blogs.

Among some Fashion Journalists its not even a taboo that the main source of their articles are often fashionblogs,and not what you would expect >inside information they get from designers, brands and other panjandrums. Magazines shamelessly use the blognetwork as an always up to date fashion database.

A girl at my former internship is who made me think about this issue in the first place, She loves to write and is is good at it too! so I assumed, she must have a blog. But I was wrong. She didnt have a blog mainly because she was of the opinion that bloggers are Journalist's anounymous little workers that dont get payed.

I question this statement, because if journalists can find the blogs, so can everybody else. 2 fashionmagazines have disappeard in Holland last year,(I will specially miss Elle girl)I hope no more will follow. It is sayd the cause was a lack of ads. But that can also be another way to say: they have less readers and therefor companies dont want to place ads. Is the 'economic crisis'to blame? Or where the readers lost to the amazing and inspiring online network of independed non-advertisement-aimed fashionblogs?