Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Defending democracy

I've been admitted to one of the best schools of journalism in holland, and can't wait to start in September! Offcourse I want to write about fashion, I realize, and it bothers me, that fashion magazines are seen as inferior magazines and writing about fashion will probably be regareder as empty, commercial and useless by my teachers. (Wikipedia stated about fashion journalism that "the term "journalism" is used as a monicker, but does not carry the overall procedural and deontological aspects of professional journalism." In other words, writing about fashion isn't professional, Surprisingly other specialisations like medicine or sports are much more accepted.) They would rather train us into political experts to defend democrasy. But isn't democracy about freedom, to think and choose for yourself? Being an individual is one of the core elements in order for a democrasy to work, but individuals don't wear uniforms, sheep do, obedient nazis do, insecure teenagers do. People are so trapped in opinions of others around them that they don't even remember their own. They Wear and do what is expected from them, with no appreciation or understanding whatsoever for someone who looks unexpected. Unexpected as a boy in heels or a die hard fan in star trek suit. It seems as if Social control is still above democracy. Because anyone who falls outside of the boring ordinairy is punished by society. It's like being trapped in the 50's. Clean the front garden for the neighbours, wear a suit for your boss, and so on. If it would be generally accepted to be yourself no matter what might come out, it would be unimaginable how different the world would be. Would people make different choices if they could profile themselves freely and find their own true opinions without influences and ettiquettes of what is and what is not acceptable, obligated and expected from you, having an uncomplicated opinion. I think fashion is so important, it is the visible reflection of society.