Saturday, July 25, 2009


de buit

If I leave my doorstep at 6 Am, I can be in London half an hour before noon. And yesterday I was!(only for the day) I'm still feeling a bit sad to be back allready with an undone 'to do in London' list, and having alot of annoying thoughts such as: "yesterday around this time I was in London", "those shoes probably still have some english dirt left on them" or even on the toilet "last time I had a shit it was in London". At least I got a few nice souvenirs, but havn't nearly shopped properly, and didn't even have the time to see shops outside the area of Oxford street. Besides shopping I visited the Hayward gallery for an amazing exposition of giganctic walk through artworks forming the mindscapes of 10 artist. The gallery on it's own was such an inspiring building, boring at first sight, but the more you analyze it the more interesting this big block of concrete becomes, it triggerd my imagination to think about what this building could have been if it wern't a gallery, most probably it would be the home of some beautiful Aeon Flux-like aliens.
Uhhgg everything was so great, even the weather, I really need to go back soon London is practically around the corner.