Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can you roll up your own sleeves? Or does ZARA do it for you?

I feel like I’m living in an H&M or Zara catalogue.
Creativity is far to be found, the streets (and the blogs) are filled with shiny sequin or lame leggings + blazer with rolled up sleeves.
Stores are now selling blazers with the sleeves already rolled up for you.
I've counted the current H&M version 8 times at my school(but I bet there are more).
So either you can’t roll up your own sleeves and H&M is making a lot of money doing it for you.
Or, an item has to be seen hanging in the racks of a chain store in order for you to believe it is acceptable to wear.
Either way, most people’s perception of what is and what is not beautiful/ugly/acceptable is controlled by commerce and not by themselves.
It’s something that bothers me a lot and keeps me busy, I believe that what we wear is like a mirror of society, and if we can’t even roll up our own sleeves,
dress ourselves without an approval from a big company or decide for ourselves it would mean that there is no space for individual opinions.
It disturbs me that something as simple as a choosing clothes is done in such a sheep-like way, seemd to be likely that forming opinions in general or even voting will be done with the same sheep behavior but that we will never know because unlike fashion, it isn’t visible.

Please don’t get this post wrong, H&M and Zara have great pieces, which can be even better when a little personality is added.