Friday, April 2, 2010

my spoondiful bunny

A delightful little zine, Spoonful, is holding a giveaway asking readers to draw a bunny by this weekend. So here is mine! Wearing a love heart bow-tie of course. My scanner actually distorted the colours pretty badly, but I managed to fix it up a bit with some Photoshop clickity-clicks.

In other news.... I've been invited to take part in an art swap, and I'm looking for others who are willing to join too! Basically you send 1 piece of handmade goodie (it can be hand-drawn, hand-sewn, hand-crafted, anything!) and you will get 36 pieces of art in return! So if you'd love to play along, please say so in the comments (with your email) and I'll contact you with the details. I just need 2 more people, but if more are interested, let me know anyway because I can pass along your emails to my other friends who are also looking for participants.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!