Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OPINION | Real Blog Love

Faux tattoo: Luxirare, Dead Fleurette, Eli Presentacion, Jak&Jil

Blogroll has changed! I get so excited when I find a discover a new interesting blog.
Just recently I stumbled upon Eli Presentacion and Dead Fleurette which are absolute unique gems amongst the thousands of blogs which have all become so simillar to each other. As much as I also enjoy looking at nicely put together ensembles, I will keep following personal style blogs on my own bloglovin.

If you want to be blown off your chair by amazement just visit Luxirare. Her interesting ideas and superb execution make me enthousiastic about fashion again. And at Luxirare.com it is about fashion, not personal showcasing.

*Dead Fleurette
Fleurette takes you with her on the long way to the perfect wardrobe. Doesn't change her wardrobe every season, doesn't need the entire H&M collection, but is of the opinion that fashion doesn't equal consumerism.
'Think of building your wardrobe as collecting art'

*Eli Presentacion
Next to the beautifully designed blog, and wonderful outfits Kristine actually has something to say. In between the margiela dresses, deadly high wedges and reviews of lipstick she shares articles and opinion pieces about politics and feminism.
'Fuck yes jimmy carter'

*Jak and Jil
Jak and Jill, almost a cliché to be amongst the blogroll.
But whose photographs have almost become iconic, and who's style and compositions are copied by so many. Inspiring.