Thursday, September 2, 2010


dress - vintage; cardigan - Sportsgirl; headband - an Indonesian dept store

A set of outfit photos from over a month ago. A little different from how I look nowadays. For one thing, I've had a haircut. Secondly, I've been feeling so sick lately that dressing up isn't something I've been bothering with. Ugh. What I have been trying to do, apart from drinking loads of tea and sleeping a lot, is prepare for an upcoming market I'm doing this weekend (what a time to get sick, huh?).

So, Melbourne readers, are you doing anything this Saturday? If not, perhaps you'd like to check out the Fitzroy Market - where I'll be selling all sorts of Much Love and Dahliaville goodies. If you do, please please please do come and say hi! That would really make my day :) I'll be the one that sorts of looks like the photos above, but with much shorter hair and not looking at my feet! Tell me you're a blog reader and I'll give you a nice discount or freebie :)
WHEN: This Saturday 4th September, 10am - 2pm
WHERE: Fitzroy Primary School, corner Napier & Chapel Streets Fitzroy

I'll be sharing a table with our tea party. Also, Prettypeonies and me.u will be there too!