Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kodachrome Film

Hello, I'm Diana of, and so happy Anna asked me to guest post. I know Anna is a film enthusiast, so I thought I'd share my love for my favorite film, Kodachrome.

In June 2009, Kodak stopped Kodachrome production. I've used slide film for my 35mm cameras but Kodachrome tops for quality over any. Slide film, when cross processed as 35mm, produces the most ridiculous bright colors. On my trip to Santa Cruz last year, I found a little photo shop, and I bought the last three rolls carried. I took the photos with a vintage Olympus Trip, and oh my, these came out beautifully loud, no?
Santa Cruz Sky 2
Santa Cruz Seabirds
Santa Cruz Sky 3
Santa Cruz Sky
I'm savoring what I have left, but it's such a sad production to close down, next to the Polaroid.

Kodachrome film is also used for filming, not just photographic film. Check out this charming vintage movie filmed in Disneyland.

Thanks so much for having me, Anna!