Thursday, September 23, 2010

light reading

dress - Duchess, cardi - Sportsgirl, belt - thrifted, tights - a clearance outlet
fabric hair clip - made by me (so proud, I had to take a close up shot... haha!), but with much guidance and help from my friend Jennifer.
book - The Best of David Hamilton

Sorry for my sudden absence for the past few days, but didn't the guest bloggers do an AMAZING job? So much so that I hope you're not too disappointed to have me back already! ;)

If you're wondering what book I'm holding, it's the David Hamilton book I blogged about before. SO gorgeous, I still can't get enough of it. Speaking of books, if you're a member of the Slow Readers book club like me, you may have noticed that the new book has just been announced (yay!). This time, it's Richard Brautigan's "The Abortion", and I've been able to get it from my library already (which only seems right after finding out that the story is set in a public library). I'm still half way through, but so far it's been quirky, funny, and pleasantly easy to read, so I imagine it won't take me much longer to finish. That's saying something for me, someone who has started reading way too many books that she never actually finished *sigh* the shame..

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