Sunday, September 5, 2010

much love monday

fabric clip art from Pugly Pixel

muchlove's current loves:
okonomiyaki ♥ getting over a cold ♥ US Open ♥ Teenage Dream by Katy Perry ♥ Pugly Pixel's vintage fabric deco tape

What are your loves?

To join in Much Love Monday, simply do a blog post that includes a picture of a heart and mention something you love. Then leave a link of your blog post in the Linky space below, and put it in the thing you love as the title.
*EDIT: Sorry, I have no idea what happened to the Linky! It seems to be working fine now, but if it does suddenly disappear again, you can always leave your blog post link in the comments.
You can also add your Much Love Monday photos to the Much Love Monday Flickr pool.