Saturday, October 16, 2010

2011 diaries

A tad early perhaps, but I've been wanting to get a really nice diary/planner for 2011. Some twitter friends recommended Kikki K, and after checking out their selection in the Kikki K website and in store today, I'm definitely lusting over their diaries! The only problem is: which one!?? Right now I'm leaning towards the "cute" one (really, that's what they call this range, I'm not trying to be descriptive) - which is the first photo in this post- because it comes with fun stickers (!) and an address book.

Can anyone recommend any other stylish 2011 diaries? I'm thinking about the Frankie one too. I've been looking around Etsy a bit but haven't found much, which may be a good thing because I'd probably have a hard time deciding which one to buy anyway.