Sunday, December 5, 2010

15% discount code from Bess Georgette

[1950s] 1. TWICE SHY dress 2. BLACK PEARL dress 3. SUNSHINE SURPRISE blouse
[1960s] 1. GOLDEN EMPIRE dress 2. FAIR BIANCA dress 3. NIGHT THISTLE dress
[1970s] 1. LITTLE LAMB top 2. BUTTON EYES dress 3.SANDY DAY dress

Have you visited Bess Georgette yet? If you love shopping for vintage clothing, then I highly recommend that you do. Based in Brisbane, Australia (I love finding Australian vintage sellers on Etsy! we need more!!), they have an amazing selection, and above are just some of my favourites.

Bess Georgette is offering a special discount code just for Much Love readers. Enter code "muchlove" and get 15% off your purchase! The code expires on 18 December.