Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the hat tells the story

I had the BEST picnic day with some of my good friends yesterday! Lovely weather, yummy food, great company, the kind of days that you never want to end and makes you feel grateful for the people around you. Since I haven't had the time to properly go through the hundreds of photos yet, these few photos will have to do for now, and I'll let our hats give you a glimpse of our day. What do our hats say about us?

♥ Top: my wide navy blue hat (thrifted from Savers a couple of weeks ago for under $6!) and my chocolate winnings from a Chocolate Monopoly game we played (yes, edible Monopoly. Yum).
♥ Second: a friend's fedora hat and his ukulele, which he played for us. It's so cool, and makes me wish I wasn't tone deaf so I could play a musical instrument too.
♥ Third: another friend's cute straw hat from Sportsgirl. She did something sweet with the flowers, but I'll wait until Much Love Monday to show you (I just gave you a hint there, huh?).
♥ Last: mine again, just flipped onto the other side. You didn't think I wouldn't bring my trusted Superheadz film camera, did you?

More photos another time!