Monday, December 27, 2010

peek a blue

dress - vintage from RetroStar sale; umbrella - Daiso

Photos from last weekend when a friend and I stopped by the Japanese garden at Melbourne Zoo. Unfortunately the heavy rain and wind stopped by with us, but un-unfortunately we were already sheltered in the gazebo when it started to pour, so we managed to stay mostly dry. It actually felt quite peaceful to be in the middle of a beautifully tranquil garden, sitting inside a spacious Japanese gazebo, and in comparison hearing and watching the mad pouring rain all around us. I meant to take better photos of said rain and gazebo (not just the pillars!), but my camera batteries died by then. Ah, well at least I got these shots just before the rain started to get heavy, although it did get tricky once the wind picked up (excuse my screwed up face)!

Also, I had to show off this photo of our cool turtle friend from the garden! This cutie kept swimming towards us and looked up at us, and was definitely not camera shy.