Tuesday, December 7, 2010

perfectly oversized

Vintage dress - Golden Palomino, at the Suzuki night market throughout this summer.
'70s bag - Beta Boutique.

Remember when I used to do outfit posts? It's been a while, no? Not gonna lie, I have missed it. I put the blame on not finding the time, a photo-worthy outfit, and most importantly someone to patiently help me take my self indulgent photos. Luckily this past weekend, I had all three. Many thanks to Penny for being my kind photographer!

I got this peachy yellow vintage dress last week at the night market at Queen Victoria Market. It's a couple of sizes larger than what I usually wear, but once I tie the sash tightly around the waist, it fits as the perfect swishy summer dress. I'm loving how the flowy fabric moves and falls. Not sure when it was made, but it reminds me of the 70s - a decade I seem to be mildly attracted to right now.

P.S. blog readers, would you like to see more outfit posts? Or not so much? Or don't really care?