Friday, January 21, 2011

FINDS | Acne Paper, Wooden Matrioshkas

Acne paper €10, wooden matrioshkas €12.50, Ittala glass container €39.95

Transparent heavy glass, big newspaper-magazines reading material and unpainted wood. I love the look of these solid, transparent , fragile and strong materials together. All my favorite colors are represented in this picture; White, grey, black, petrol, seafoam and nude.

I’m trying this thing where I’m directing my surroundings a bit more. Make my home emptier and decorating it with functional objects like piles of my favorite books and magazines. We’ve recently painted our floor with special paint for tiles and concrete. It used to be covered with the most disgusting fake marble pastel pink tiles. With only €100 Euro’s worth of paint we’ve change the entire look of the livingroom and kitchen.(grey background picture=floor) Friends even thought it was a new concrete floor when they saw it.

I’ve tried to carry this aesthetic through to my blog a bit more, do you like the changes?