Friday, January 28, 2011

GUIDE | spring wardrobe selection




The grey skies and rain are the usual icebreakers in conversations. A phrase about the weather ‘looks like it’s going to rain..’ replace regular hellos. Apparently that’s what we do in cold climates, our entire lives and moods evolve a bit around the weather. But today the sun showed herself and although it is still freezing outside it set the mood for spring. Time to clean up my wardrobe and make a spring-selection!

Because I am so sick of winter, I haven’t shopped for any winter clothes since November. Not only sick of winter, but also a bit sick of fashion.(read my post regarding fast fashion) At the same time I have been looking forward to the spring collections arriving to stores. I hope retailers haven’t made too wearable and too safe choices, I can’t wait to see those coveted pieces in real life. However, I am planning to spent my money wisely and rather invest than throw it away.

With the sun shining brightly through my window I asked myself, what would I wear if it were 20 degrees outside RIGHT NOW. Although my wardrobe has slimmed down considerably over the past months during my attempt to build a perfect wardrobe, I still ended up with a big pile of white, nude, creamy tones with occasionally some black silk.

What started out as something fun unexpectedly gave me good insight on what was missing and what was excessive. Clearly for summer I have too many tops and was lacking some basic styles of bottoms and jackets. I had never noticed this because for the winter season it is the other way around and looking at my closet(which is now sorted by style) everything still seemed more or less balanced.

Sorting your clothes by season(if you don’t live in a permanent warm climate) instead of by style gives you a much better overview of what you have and what you need. You can easily recognize the gaps in your wardrobe and control your shopping with this knowledge.