Saturday, January 8, 2011

Too fast…

Recently when I was interviewing Sunny Deol he said something very interesting. “Right now things are changing too fast,’ he said. He was referring to changes in the film industry. But as I walked out of his house that one line kept running through mind. Change, we have always maintained, is the only constant in this moving world. And for a newsperson change is GOOD because that makes news. Something that gets us money…  But then the ‘too fast’ clause indeed was an interesting addition to the thoughts.  And I am just talking about the probably headline for the interview.

Things indeed have changed. And while we believe it’s always good… we don’t always analyze what could be making out of us.

did you say 'fast'?

As a student four years back I was different. Well I was much thinner for one. But that’s not the concern. You do gain weight and proportion as you grow older… at least people in my family always seems to have. But there have been changes apart from that. Changes that we attribute to life… but are actually more about us. Life after all is what we make of it.

Back then if I had to reach a place at a particular time I used calculate how long I would take to reach by bus. And I used to reach very much on time. Today I decide how long it will take by an autorickshaw – a faster medium of transportation and much more expensive too – and yet I reach late. Simply because there those few extra minutes that I desire to ‘rest’ or ‘take easy’.  Bottom-line while I could manage for Rs 4000 a month as a student I don’t seem to be able to make my ends meet with multiples of that much money as my salary. Lazy? I would hate to admit. Maybe it’s just killing the jest…

And when I see all around me, I know I am not alone. Nothing seem to be enough anymore.
We were talking about change. And such a change in mere four years is definitely ‘too fast’.
Of course there are reason to this… reasons which have been working on us since we gained consciousness. But I assume I will just talk about the change for today.