Sunday, February 6, 2011

An ‘interesting’ search

Women… they will always be my favorite object of attention. They amuse me, irritate me and also make me fall in love with them. I have never been able to ignore them… be they in classroom, office or at the ATM kiosk. And yes I have had posts where I discussed how they are so remarkable at parking cars or paying the mobile bills at automatic counters but somehow nothing you do seems enough… just like a girlfriend who cannot be satisfied do whatever you can!

So here I am, on an idle Sunday afternoon, trying to wake myself out of slumber with a blog post… which could make me act, like a vanity bag makes a girl when they try finding something inside it.

What make the world interesting? 
Find that funny? I do too… I don’t mean me trying to find something to write, but the fact that women have to try so hard to locate stuff in their bags. I am sure you relate to this one. Everyone who has known a woman will! Why do they keep as many things in their bag? In one my interviews with Sonam Kapoor had told me she carries notebooks and pen too though she knows she will never use a notebook. All she needs to note, she does it in her phone. There were a dozen other things which she would never use. And she is not alone. Every girl I know… well most of them do the same!

Men in comparison, at the cost of sounding sexist, are probably better organized. We like compartmentalizing things. We are minimalistic and we carry lesser baggage. Interestingly that trait goes against us sometimes. And of course we cannot deny the fact that we are miserable when we are supposed to multitask…

Anyways… getting back to the focus of my blog-piece, I wanted to write something interesting. Something as interesting as a woman! I started early afternoon and now it is almost dark. And this is what happens to me whenever I set out to write something. Yes I know I should lower my standards. Nothing can be as interesting… let’s just resort to observing women!