Tuesday, February 22, 2011

take 5 with Angela from Leeloo

I'm very excited to bring you this little interview with the wonderful and inspiring Angela from Leeloo. Through Leeloo, Angela has played a big role in supporting the handmade/indie/art scene in Australia, whether it be by introducing exciting new designers in the Leeloo online shop, organising art exhibitions, or being a part of huge craft markets. Impressive? I think so too.

1. Describe yourself (Angela) in 5 words.
Decisive. Perfectionist. Dreamer. Empathetic. Working.
Always working at my computer

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list?
♥  Various tasks for our Drawn From Fashion exhibition :: http://www.drawnfromfashion.com.au and preparing for our stall at Finders Keepers market (all on the same weekend!)
♥  Scheduling meetings with new designers coming up at Leeloo
♥  Sourcing some shoes for a styling job I have in a fortnight
♥  Complete an inspiration board for the next {twin set} photo shoot
♥  Finish authoring the next newsletter (Leeloo’s Latest)

3. Name 5 best things about working on Leeloo!
♥  Meeting new designers and artists, bloggers and creative people who are passionate about what they do
♥  Being part of a friendly, supportive and hard-working community
♥  The incredible opportunities that regularly pop up and being able to take advantage of them
♥  Having a chance to indulge in all of my creative endeavours like writing blogs, styling, curating and choosing pieces for the shop
♥  Working alongside Renee  on all kinds of projects

4. Your 5 hot picks on Leeloo right now:
Our latest designers!
♥  Moose & Bird – pear shaped pillows
♥  Write to me – magnetic bookmarks and notebooks
♥  Snowfawn – amazing cuckoo clocks
♥  Two Cheeky Monkeys – cute dictionary prints
♥  Lauren Carney – amazingly sweet artist

5. Name 5 things you "much love"!
♥ My husband
♥ Leeloo (she’s my actual dog!)
♥ My new house (which I’ve just finished decorating full of West German pottery)
♥ Sitting down and getting to work armed with a coffee made by Sam of Ciao Down
♥ Curling up on the lounge with an Earl Grey Tea and some Green & Black’s white chocolate, a magazine and Leeloo (and if I fall asleep, that’s even better!)

Thank you so much Angela!

You can also find Angela on twitter and the Leeloo Dog Blog.