Thursday, February 3, 2011

teddy's girl

Lookbook photos from Colenimo

Glorious! That's how I'd describe this lookbook by London fashion label Colenimo. Inspired by the teddy boys and girls of 1950's London, it was for their '08/'09 AW collection (yeah, so I'm a little behind..) and there's a short film that goes with it too. The whole vintage styling (that hair! that tulle skirt!) and photography is a joy to look at. Goes to show that black and white photos doesn't always have to be gloomy or moody. Neither should lookbooks and editorials. Honestly, we need more smiles and less grumpiness in fashion editorials!!

P.S. I gave my blog a little makeover, and dyed the side background pink (those using smaller computer screens might not notice though). Felt I needed that splash of girly colour! What do you think?