Sunday, March 6, 2011

Party… Oh baby!

Now I know it is sounds strange. It’s not that I don’t really try being a part of parties that friends host. But I won’t deny the fact that I get terribly bored in them. And then, there is also no denying the fact I have to go ahead with a heap of lies when the hosts ask if I am feeling out of place or bored. “Nah I am just listening to you all. I am fine,” I reply showing my glass fill with cola.

Listening… yes right! All I care at most times is when I can rush home. Silence is awesome. More often than not such parties have booze as the focal point. And then discussions to which I hold almost nil affinity. Things get worse. There is music too. The need more music in a party is almost as much as the need for the party in first place. So there you go…some cools songs being played as the night proceeds. One person religiously will keep playing DJ, while the rest talk…whatever the wish. Soon, if there are too many people, there would be groups forming and people talking amidst themselves. Even otherwise, the discussion only gets more interesting as the alcohol empties. Everyone has their own take and everyone wants to be heard.  So everyone starts raising their decibels.

This says it all!
It is at such points when my desperation gets out of bounds. So the music plays on, people are shouting at top of their voices... neighbours losing sleep… and we call it PARTY! Yeah baby!

I was to one such party recently. And I had to go through the same old routine. And I was not in for another for some more time… but then things happen.

That’s when I got certified.

Yes, so I have been certified weird. That’s what someone who certified me calls people who can party alone. I do that. And enjoy it very much. More so on Saturday evenings.  I buy my bottle of cola, some packs of chip, play a movie on my computer… and get done with all the three in perfect symphony. Bliss!


A conversation

“What? You serious? You mean you eat all of that alone and don’t even share? And you like staying alone,” the person shot back at me in an instant when I revealed by way.

“Hell yes. I am not of a sharing and caring guy any ways! And I like my time alone,” he replied.

“But what sort of party is that. I mean I can’t imagine partying without friends and some booze!”

“Well I do hang out with my friends. Quite often actually and then more often than not we watch films.”

“You are weird. Really!”