Thursday, April 14, 2011

INTERIOR | DIY Magazine Rack


The walls in my house are too brittle to hold the weight of these Ikea shelves. I still needed a place to store my old magazines. Stacking them up with the shelves in between was the solution!

Not the favorite but the wearable
To name a few of my vintage finds there is for example a shiny silver snakeskin print catsuit, a horribly frilly peach 1980s lace bridesmaids dress and a frock made out of braids of fabric that weighs seven kilos. I don't wear them, they are absolutely insane and do not fit in a 'perfect' wardrobe. I love my crazy clothes though, they are fun, completely exclude me from every social expectation and I like to tell myself that they have historic value.

Though when there isn't a Halloween party going on and I actually have to get dressed quickly in the morning their presence in my closet gives me visual stress. I see so many outrageous options that I can not decide on what I'm going to wear. Today I put all the clothes aside that I've worn more than three times during the last two months. It was shocking to see that the selection of not necessarily my favorite pieces but my wearable ones was so tiny. But it was also reassuring to see the grey black and nude palette(that I love so much) form while doing it. Also the pattern in the shape and composition of my most worn outfits was reassured; basic tees and wide blouses combined with narrow bottoms and odd shoes.