Friday, April 1, 2011

INTERIOR | Minimalistic Living

clothing rack IKEA €29,95


All you need is a mattress, something to hang your clothes on and something to plant your ass on. Minimalism is about the essence of things, stripping away everything until only the necessary remains. This concept not only applies on the all white structured Calvin Klein ensembles, the basic Jil Sander aesthetic or the nude almost-not-there Céline pieces but on every aspect of life.

When decorating (or not decorating) your surroundings with the bare essentials and tossing away everything you don't absolutely love, the only thing remaining will be your personality. Getting rid of clutter means getting rid of visual distraction and visual stress. No need for a closet for your books; align them, pile them, place them in sight! And a simple clothing rack is all you need to showcase your beloved clothes and become inspired. Arrange a home as if it were an art gallery, where you can enjoy every chair, lamp, book or jacket you own(or your kid's best drawings).

The idea of living with the bare essentials is something that appeals to me very much. (The thought behind it even more that its aesthetic) As I believe it is a durable alternative and the antidote to over-consuming. I'm good on my way of creating a somewhat minimalistic home. But I would not call myself a minimalist because of my constant urge to collect things, old things and of course clothes.