Friday, April 29, 2011

LIFE | What is Queensday?

The only orange things I own. Dresscode for Queensday is Orange, national color of The Netherlands

There is hardly any space left to walk in Amsterdam. The sidewalks, streets and parks
are covered by blankets on which people are selling their old stuff. There is music and drinks everywhere. It is safe to say that this is the biggest streetparty and flea market in the world.

The date 30th of April is the birthday of our former queen Juliana. It used to be nothing more than a defilé of the royal family. But as this attracted thousands of people, the government decided that a licence to sell was not required on Queensday. This way food and drinks could be sold to the masses of people visiting the defilé. But what happened was that all over the country everyone started selling their old stuff on the streets and an immense fleemarket arose.

Now I'm off to join the rest of the 800 000 people and surely will come home with great finds, two years ago I found a 1980's Chanel watch for 10 euros. stay tuned!