Sunday, April 24, 2011

st kilda shadows

I spent a bit of time at the beach today, and brought along 3 of my cameras (too much?). I was trying out my Holga with black and white film for the first time, but I accidentally had it set on B (which is a no no!!) and didn't realize this until I was 4 shots away from finishing the roll! So most of those photos are pretty much ruined.... Sad face. I'm still wondering if it's even worth developing at all. As if it's not costly enough considering that 120 film only shoots 12-16 frames (in my case, 12). I'm thinking of getting a 35mm Adaptor kit, so I can shoot with my usual 35mm films instead, and get more photos out of 1 roll! Has anyone used one of those kits before? What do you think of it?

Anyway, I also had my DSLR handy to take some shadow shots for today. I love analog, but the instant results (and absence of developing cost!) of digital is handy to have. Go to Hey Harriet to see what Shadow Shot Sunday is all about.