Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the best promise you could ever break.

We are so cliche. We finish eachother's sentences, sometimes I think you're a mind reader.

I cannot count the times in a day we say the words "I love you" yet this countless amount never seems like it's enough. I love you infinity past beyond, because this love really does transcend this universe. Your love for me makes me grow childish-a feeling more amazing than could be described- for while everyone is busy trying to grow up and move on, you bring out the joyful youth in me. You've reminded me what being happy is and have shown me that I've been missing out on happiness for far too long. The first time you told me how you felt - that you loved me - my heart seemed to melt and overflow my ribcage. This was a feeling like no other. People say they get butterflies around "that" someone, that they feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that their heart just melts as it is overcome by such a strong and pure emotion. I doubted that possibility, laughed a bit at how cliche it seemed. I mean of course I'd fantasized about the possibility, but I never thought I could feel that way so literally. When we first started talking, you promised you'd never fall for me or see me as anything more than a friend because I was frustrated with the guys in my life who couldn't just be my friend. I thought I just needed a friend. But what I needed was you.

And darling, we are the best promise you could ever break.

We are so cliche. We fawn over eachother, constantly declaring our love and proclaiming every possible reason why our love is the perfect love. We'd get so deep into these conversations of outpouring affection but then try and pull ourselves out, for fear of being too cliche. Like today, when you said we were "losers and oh so cheesy". I told you that "honey, cheesy is what it's called by the people that don't get to experience it. And as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's real then I love it and shall not frown down with 'cheesiness nonappreciation'" . You said "that's probably the most sensical thing i've ever heard". I smiled.

Because that's what I do when I see you, or hear you or read something you write. I smile. You always give me that instasmile. You are the sunshine in my life when I'm a stormy cloud, so together we create a rainbow. And that will never make us cheesy.

I love you, my sunbow rainshine.