Saturday, June 18, 2011

EXPERIMENT | Update 03, The Dress is Falling Apart

These shorts are my best friend while my dress is falling apart. Last week I cut a pair of old dr.denim jeans to this akward biker-short length.


Today, after the 18th time that this dress has been taken out of the closet it is damaged, worn out and ready to be disposed. The once so crisp and structured garment now looks like a rag. The knit that used to be tight is now so loose that the fabric has become sheer and has lost its heaviness. It is a shame that with this transofmation of the cheap material, the clever design of the dress is lost.

Exactly on the 15th day of the experiment one of the seams started to fray. As for the bottom of the dress, which was cut and left without a seam, the fraying has gotten out of control. I managed to repair the loose seam, but will continue wearing the dress as a top for the last two weeks of this experiment.

One of my first thoughts was, well what else did you expect from a 30Euro-garment. My budget for this project was five times higher than what I spent on it, the price of a basic tank-dress just happened to be only 30 euro's. However, the fact that something is cheap does not mean it should break. Basics like these aren't seasonal and should be made to last.