Monday, June 27, 2011

Serving Life... !

While I was walking by a dark lane yesterday which followed by an auto ride for some time I had a hell lot of things passing through my thoughts.

While some were dark and bad and things I wanted to run away from including myself and everyone I know... There were also promises your sweet faces that lingered on my mind trying to persuade me to hang on...

I realise these thoughts come to me so often that this is almost what I am. Not almost… completely rather! I want company and yet I want to stay alone. There is a fear... Wonder of what; But surely is a killer!    

Yet I continue moving along. Throwing promises and breaking a whole lot wondering what is that I am serving. The answer probably would be life. Oh I so hate serving life!

(Before people start talking, please refer to the label. This is a work of fiction, something I wrote 2 years back. Just posting now. Cheers!)