Saturday, June 4, 2011

VIDEO | Experiment: Wearing The Same Dress for 30 days

How versatile can a basic piece be?
Versatile enough to be worn everyday to every occasion that comes up?
And if it is, how meaningless will a large wardrobe look?
Will I miss my other clothes?
Will this dress be burned afterwards because I'm so sick of it or will I continue to wear it daily? I'm going to find out by wearing this dress from June 1st every day until the July 1st.

Wearing the same item for a certain amount of time isn't anything new, for example wearing the same jeans for a year. Though while fast fashion is now dying a slow death, this little project seems more relevant than ever.
I'm wearing a COS tanktop in a size large as a dress, later on I found out that there is also a longer, dress version of it.