Saturday, July 9, 2011


Some friends and I cooked up an awesome hot pot/ steamboat lunch yesterday. So in the morning, we hopped on the tram to Victoria St, Richmond to shop for all the ingredients we needed first: seafood, meat balls, vegies, mushroom galore! I don't go there very often, so it was pretty interesting exploring what they had. Personally, there's something about these kind of Asian stores that offer some comfortable familiarity - like when I found those Chinese bread sticks that I used to have in Indonesia (we call them "cakwe"), and they are SO yummy! At the same time, there's also something completely unusual that catches us off guard, like those hot chocolate drinks... in a CAN! There are actually SELF-HEATING hot chocolate in a CAN. Yes, I am so blown away that cap letters are necessary! I have never seen/heard of such a thing before! Apparently you have to flip the can upside down, push a button, wait 20 seconds, steam comes out, then you shake it, wait 3 minutes, and suddenly you have a can of hot chocolate. Yep, no joke.

Next post: photos of our hot pot in the afternoon, and will also let you know how we went with the hot chocolate ;)