Wednesday, August 31, 2011

august break day #31

camera: compact point and shoot film camera, film: fujifilm 200

I missed august break #30 yesterday (internet issues!), so I'm sort of making it up by posting 2 photos today - which also happens to be the last day of August, hence the last day of the august break series. Can you believe a month has gone by already?? I'll be posting more "regular" blog posts starting from next week. Until then, I'm still on holiday, and I'm treating myself by trying to stay away from the internet while I can! I guess you could say I'm extending my August break a little bit. I hope you don't mind too much!

P.S. photos taken in Jogja, outside a cute shop I visited a couple of days ago with some old friends. There was another shop  I took heaps of pictures in (think florals, handmade, and general cuteness!), so you can expect to see a blog post about that one when I get back.