Sunday, August 28, 2011

much love monday: august break day #29

love: Comfortable international flights (Garuda Indonesia, you are so good!!). Being home. Not having to worry about grown-up responsibilities for a week. Breaking fast with my parents. Finding awesome clothes from my mum's wardrobe that she let me keep (it's like shopping, but without the spending bit. Brilliant!). Buying/getting stuff done for a tiny fraction of what they would cost in Australia. Being fascinated by people and culture. Getting my hair cut. Warm weather. Wearing pretty house dresses all day. Catching up with my childhood best friends today. People's joy and kindness during the holidays.
.... all that, and I've only been here for less than 2 days. Still have a whole week to enjoy! Now this is what I call an August Break. Loving it.

What are you loving?

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