Tuesday, October 4, 2011

frock yeah! (days 1 - 4)

Here's an early update to my Frocktober progress (I had previously planned to post the outfit photos at the end of each week, but decided that more frequent updates would be better).
day 1: braving the wet and windy Melbourne weather on the first day // day 2: jumping for joy in a vintage striped number! // day 3: first day of Frocktober at work, and realizing how dirty my mirror is // day 4: today's work dress, and notice how I've cleaned the mirror :)

If you don't know what Frocktober is all about, please check out the website. All proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Donations are more than welcomed through my fundraising page.

Thank you SO much to all my kind supporters so far! The donations are climbing up, and I must also thank the wonderful bloggers who have taken their time to blog (and even wear dresses!) for me: Angie, Rhianne, Jennifer, Miy - you are all frockin' awesome! Another friend has even offered to lend me some dresses to wear this month. Yay! Every now and then, I'm really blown away by people's kindness.

Would you like to donate or blog too? Please do!

Also, I have a special Frocktober-related blog project coming up very soon, involving some of my favourite bloggers. Stay tuned! I think you'll like it :)