Friday, October 28, 2011

frocktober roundup: day 22 - 27

Here are the frocks I wore from day 22 up till yesterday, day 27. Wow, I can't believe there's only a few days left of Frocktober! I've been having a blast doing it. Although I must admit, I am really starting to miss wearing my jeans and my skirts (I decided that my definition of "frocks" would be one-piece dresses only).

Who would've thought that wearing dresses for 31 days straight would be challenging? I always knew that the hardest part was spreading the word and getting people's attention (very hard when you're painfully shy and prefer to stay away from any kind of spotlight!), but people have been incredibly supportive, especially at work. One of my workmates has been regularly buying boxes of ice cream to put in the freezers, and inviting everyone in to donate to my Frocktober charity for every ice cream they take. The ice creams have been wonderfully popular, and he's already raised SO much! Almost as much as I've been raising on my fundraising page so far. I've also been having fun with a "frocking" swear jar I've put up in our team's section. Mind you, I work with a bunch of guys, so getting them to wear a frock with me was a tough one, and this was the second best thing I could think of to get them to help me raise funds!

Have you been enjoying my Frocktober blog posts? Perhaps you'd like to make a kind donation too? Frocktober aims to raise much-needed funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. You can donate any amount through my fundraising page (getting closer to my goal!). Thank you SO much to every one who has already. You are ALL frocking awesome!! :)