Friday, December 23, 2011


I've booked my flights to go to Japan in January! JAPAN!! I've been dying to go for ages, and the opportunity is finally here. All the planning and everything is a bit last minute (it's almost January already!), and I still have things to take care of before I can go, but I'm so super duper excited and NEED to make this happen. I'll only have about 5 days there, so will likely spend most/all of my time in Tokyo... but I'll make the most of it! It's going to be brilliant.

I've been checking out these blogs for visual inspiration:
Sleepwalking in Tokyo
Hello Sandwich

Any other blogs I should check out? Also, if anyone has any Japan/Tokyo travel tips...places to go, things to see, cute little shops I'd be a fool to miss, things I should take photos of (everything, right? hehe)..  please share with me!