Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LIFE | Time For Change


Yes, the visuals have changed!
It felt like it was time to pour more time and thought into Love Aesthetics. I´ve disliked my header for a long time but wanted to come up with something good and more permanent before changing it. I finally came up with a concept that is less digital; inspired on forms and product manuals. So instead of running to the usual Photoshop and trying out a million fonts I pulled out my scissors, copying machine and a pen instead. There will be a few more adjustments during the time coming.

I once started this blog to be a part of the online rebels that were democratizing fashion, I had no readers, was embarrassed to tell my friends about what I was up to online and had little idea of what I was doing. But in three years this online space called Love Aesthetics has evolved into something that reflects my view on fashion better and of which I can even say I´m a bit proud of.

Over the past years the character of the blogosphere has also gone through some big changes. Shortly said it went from bloggers taking pictures of themselves with tiny digital cameras in a mirror and reporting about
the local vintage boutique to making Vogue-worthy images and reporting about the Paris shows from front row seats.

Seeing what a valuable addition all the collective voices of blogs have become to the fashion industry is inspiring to pour more time and thought into what one throws online. Not only have I put a bit more effort into the visual aspects of Love Aesthetics but also plan to place blogging higher on my priority list and take more time to produce content.

Though the appearance, the execution and quality have changed and developed over the years, my blog is still the same in spirit. I blog because of my hyper enthusiasm and obsession with fashion. Love Aesthetics is about my love for aesthetics and my interest in what lies beneath the appearance of things. Thank you all for staying tuned, it has been the best reward and motivation to keep the updates coming!

* Small note to those who share my aversion towards commerce. Yes I've decided to take advertisements. But have no fear, no content will be compromised. If you want to know more about my approach to sponsors read the 'ethics' section.