Friday, January 20, 2012

stuff about me

My friend Jen tagged me in a little blog tag, and I thought I'd play along. At the same time, I thought it'd be a nice way to give a bit of an update on me and my very recent Japan travels.

The rules are here.

Part 1 is where I write things about me:
1. I just got back from Tokyo yesterday afternoon.
2. I caught a cold on my last day there, so the long trip back to Melbourne was not the most comfortable experience. Boo..
3. Apart from the cold, I had the most amazing and wonderful time there!!
4. My taste buds are grateful for the onigiri and matcha latte I had in a local cafe. When I left the cafe, I practiced my very minimal Japanese, and told the girl at the counter "oishii!" (delicious). I could tell from her giggle and look of surprise that she appreciated it.
5. I was impressed by how polite and quiet people are, especially on trains! You're not allowed to talk on your mobile phones because it annoys others.
6. I bought the latest Frankie magazine at the Gold Coast airport before boarding my Tokyo flight. It had a feature on life in Japan. The lady that sold it to me was Japanese too. Perfect.
7. I took the above photo at Ghibli Museum... which was an AMAZING place! That's Mei from Totoro :)
8. I took loads of film photos, and I just dropped them off today to be developed. So excited to see how they turn out!!!
9. I went to a "Meow" exhibition, which as you can tell from it's name, was all about cats! I met one of the artists and told him his work is "kawaii" (cute). Obviously I like giving out one word compliments!
10. I love the small streets in the suburbs better than the huge cities.
11. I miss it already!! Not crazy about going back to reality just yet. Wallowing a bit.
12. Today I went out to look for a proper Japanese bento lunch and a matcha latte in Melbourne (any Melbourne peeps know any good places??)

Part 2 is where I answer the questions:
1. What is the last thing you ate? soup.
2. If you can be anywhere you want right now, where would it be? back in Tokyo!!
3. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now? my green winter skirt.
4. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed? brush my teeth.
5. Most important lesson learnt in 2011? that amazing people exist.
6. What is your favourite thought (the one to get you going)? learn from the experience.
7. What is your favourite "craft tool" (pen, hole punch, etc) and why? the humble pencil. How would I sketch out ides without it?
8. What is an example of what you do to relax? on the couch, with a cup of tea, and watching the tennis.
9. When you think of "the perfect morning," what does it involve? sleeping in and a big breakfast.
10. How do you define "love"? that thing that makes your heart happy.
11. Which movie have you watched a few times? Amelie.
12. What is your favourite thing to say to people? arigatou gosaimas!
13. If you could give something to your co-workers/fellow students free of charge, what would it be? hugs and fist bumps!!
14. What is one of your favourite words? sayang (Indonesian for love, affection)
15. What is a favourite activity when you have a bit of extra time? photography
16. How do you define success? when you've achieved something that you worked hard for, believe in, and that you are proud of.

I don't know who to tag, so if you feel like playing along, please do so! Let me know in the comments :)