Monday, May 7, 2012

NOVELTY | The Netherlands is Vogue Approved


Editor in chief Karin Swerink and I


When I first heard the news that Condé Nast approved The Netherlands for being Vogue worthy I was skeptical.
Is this frugal country that despises luxury and decadence, that always chooses comfort over aesthetics going to have it's own Vogue? Yeah right.

I was wrong because as of March 22 we will have our own Vogue. The first issue was presented to the press today. I was invited to an intimate lunch get-together where the enthusiastic new team of editors told us all about their first issue. It was so special to be among the talented group of bloggers and online journalists to get a first glimpse of Vogue Netherlands!

Karin Swerink(editor in chief) says that times have changed and that even the girls from the village where she grew up, save their pennies for a pair of expensive shoes. Though Karin herself still doesn't dare to tell her mother that the shoes on her feet are worth 500 euros.

What I liked the most about the new Dutch Vogue is that they are so driven to make high quality content. The magazine is packed with editorials and interesting interviews. For example a feature about the closet of one of Raf Simons' employees or an intimate 8 page interview with Inez and Vinoodh. Karin and her team brought a breeze of optimism to the Dutch fashion scene, finally!