Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quote Photography The Mystery of Loving

Quote Photography The Mystery of Loving, the lets her go out of love and she returns out of pity.

1. It's Memorable

A good scrapbook quote is easy to remember and has impact. Perhaps your quote is a famous one that is familiar to everyone. They don't even have to read the whole scrapbook quote to know what you intended. Many songs have this quality, and song lyrics are a great way to add flare to your scrapbook. Song lyrics combine the grace of poetry and music, and they are easy to remember. Whatever scrapbook quote you decide to use, make it memorable!

2. It's Relevant

The scrapbook quotes you select must directly relate to your materials. They should communicate the important message you want to record. They should help even the unfamiliar visitor understand the photo or memento and its importance to your life. Even if the scrapbook quote seems trivial or silly, as long as it's important to you and is relevant to your material, it's the right quote. And unless you want to create an air of mystery, you should avoid overly vague or misleading scrapbook quotes. Give your reader a break!

3. It's Brief

You don't want to take up too much room with your scrapbook quote, and you want to get your message across quickly. The focus should be on the photo or memento, not the quote. Overly long or flowery quotes can seem pretentious or ingenuine. The scrapbook quote is used to bridge the gap between the object and the memory. It adds information without becoming the memory itself. Look for a scrapbook quote that expresses your meaning as simply as possible.

4. It's Meaningful

The best scrapbook quotes touch both your brain and your heart. Scrapbooks are created to capture important memories that made a difference to your life. The quotes you use should reflect their importance and enrich your spirit. Whether joyous or sorrowful, your memories represent the things that formed your personality and character. Your scrapbook quotes should be serious without being overly intellectual or brooding, and they should be important to you at a very personal level.