Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh the Irony...

I find pleasure in sarcasm, it is just a little step further than Irony.
The kind of Irony as a 16 year old girl dressing like a granny, with a wardrobe that makes you wonder whether she took the content of an entire elderly persons home. The kind of Sarcasm of wich Alexander McQueen's latest collection was all about.
Provoking people and portaiting -fashion as it is now- almost as a cliché freakshow with lips from a porn star and dresses made out of trashbags. Today I thought I wasn't wearing anything too fancy, untill I entered the tram and everyone started giggling. Specially when I go out with my daughter I've caught myself dressing down, and taking in considerance what people will think about me as a mother. I realized it, I'm over it, I don't care what narrowminded uncultured people think. Next time I walk outside my front door I will wear something like 80's glitter stilletto's, my golden givenchy clip earrings that I love so much, or decide that I am an old soul in an old fashioned dress and a hat with veil for the day.