Sunday, April 19, 2009

my life is happy again

One month no blog update. Latest developments: I finally resigned my job at American Apparel, I am so relieved that there is finally a view on something new in my life. And because of that it makes me enjoy the few days(only 6!!) i've got left there more, work harder, and realize that it wasn't that bad at all, I had a great time at that company, going to wear their bodysuits for the rest of my life and met alot of interesting people. That said, the 9.5-hour boring workdays are over and I am so excited to have ome spare energy left to do something new and with substance. My brain needs training! Even my vocabulairy has shrunken from putting the full amount of my time in something that doesnt involve much thinking or creativity. I am so ready to spent a day in the library, buy a A3 format sketchbook, take some pictures, visit foreign cities, do an internship, go thrifting...What also musn't be underestimated as an influence on ones moods is new footwear. My new Givenchy babies were delivered 2 weeks ago!