Friday, March 26, 2010

david hamilton

I was so happy to discover this beautiful 1976 David Hamilton photography book at an op shop (Savers) yesterday. There was no price sticker, so the lady said I could have it for $2.99. Score!

I first knew of David Hamilton's work through Thrift Candy. His photography style has a gorgeous feminine and delicate quality. It's almost surprising to know that such work was done decades ago, as it's the type of dreamy photography that seems very popular today. I instantly thought that they looked very Lula-esque. The muted colours, soft hazy focus, dreamy stillness, graceful movements, beautiful ballerinas, long flowy dresses, flowered floppy hats, ... there is much to love!

Here are some of the amazing photos included in the book. It was terribly hard to narrow it down to a mere few, so unlike my usual posts (who cares about consistency?), this will have to be a bit more image-heavy. Hope you don't mind!