Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hide that dress

I can't believe it took me ages to figure out that I could wear this dress as a top, when paired with my trusty AA skirt. I quite like it. Both the skirt and the floral dress are almost exactly the same length though, so the dress hem tends to peek out every now and then (as you can see when I - for no reason at all - try to twirl in the last photo). This skirt is probably one of the few non-thrifted items in my wardrobe that I get a LOT of wear out of. Speaking of AA skirts, I want to get the Interlock High-Waist one soon. Looks like a terrific basic, and I'm thinking the longer length would be even better for hiding those dress hems!

P.S. I'm doing a guest blog post over at the gorgeous Here Comes the Sun today! Take to look? :)