Sunday, June 20, 2010

much love monday [wimbledon]

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First of all, a big thanks to Amanda who has been a wonderful guest blogger for me while I've been away from the blog. I have another terrific guest blogger who'll be taking over tomorrow, but I'll be back in full swing by Thursday.

I thought I'd quickly pop in today for another Much Love Monday post though, because it just feels weird to skip it.
So what's the thing I'm currently loving? the fact that Wimbledon starts today! Anyone else? I'm aware that there's not a lot of tennis fans who read this blog, but I know there's at least a couple of you out there (I'm looking at you, Ainslie and Avalonne!). I'm looking forward to the drama, the upsets (unless it's against my favourites), the 5 set thrillers, the tennis tantrums, the dramatic camera shots, the hilarious camera shots, seeing the player's new outfits in the traditional white colour (some are VERY cute, you know), eating strawberries and cream to pretend I'm actually there, and texting my dad while he's watching the same thing at home (I love that he loves tennis too, we get to bond over it).


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