Saturday, July 3, 2010

thrifted storage

Something I've noticed myself being drawn to when thrifting lately is storage items: tins and boxes in all shapes and sizes. They come in handy to keep in all the other random little knick knacks I tend to accumulate.
Here are a couple of them.
A Danish cookie tin, with a very charming design all over. Notice the train tracks around the edges?

I love the intricate details, as if it's telling a story. I'm using this tin to keep all my stamps and ribbons in one place now.

A jewellery box that looks like a mini table, with a floral cushion cover on the top. Looks like it's missing something in the middle, like an extra shelf or compartment.

A glimpse of the jewellery space and mirror inside. The reflection may look familiar? In case you noticed - yes, I had to flip the L and the E before taking the picture!

Have a lovely weekend! xx

P.S. adding this to the Flea Market Finds post at Her Library Adventures, who has also been so kind as to put Much Love on their sidebar as their "beautiful blog of the week" :)