Sunday, July 4, 2010

Au revoir Hollande!


I feel a bit like a fraud doing this post. I'm copying an idea that has been done and done and overdone: What's in my bag - pictures. I always enjoy looking at mise en scene folded piles of clothes, semi nonchalant, as if they were just thrown on the floor, waiting to be taken to the most fabulous places in the world... Paris, New York, London. How romantic to think the inside of my suitcase consists only of beautiful clothes and accessories . The truth is 80% of the contents of MY suitcase consists of payama's, socks, underwear, all kinds cables to charge laptops phones and camera's. Don't forget toothbrush+paste hairproducts and always an almost fallen apart notebook with homework from school. The real picture of what I'm taking to Brussels isn't this pretty.