Friday, September 17, 2010

bluesy mod

I'm really happy to welcome Bluesymod as the blog's latest sponsor. Pauline, the clever lady behind Bluesymod, uses her shop to sell handmade accessories as well as a lovely collection of vintage wear.

Her gorgeous handmade creations are classified into 2: "punctilious creations" and "simple statements". The "punctilious creations" - such as the Cloud necklace and the Ingot necklace (top 2 photos) - are intricately made by Pauline, down to every little detail of the hand beading and embroidery, and are just like little works of art! I can see any one of these necklaces being the centrepiece of an outfit. As for the "simple statements" - such as the Brass collar necklace and the Coffee paper necklace (the second row photos), - the design is much more simple and minimal, yet still bold enough to make them stand out as a statement piece. Ah, I love that brass collar design!